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January 25th, 2012

04:31 pm - woo
It's been this long since I posted? huh. I got a new machine at work and of course, no admin privileges, so I can't download the client I want to use.

And Facebook has broken me of my blogging habit. I love LJ. I hate FB. Everyone's on FB, but I can't stand it. So I don't post here because no one's around, and I don't go to FB because I hate it. Don't care for Twitter much either. So there you go.

Past few months:
-Work moved, that was huge. Still have job, that's good. I'm now in a building with even tighter IT restrictions, so stupid things like Groupon show up as "mp3/streaming", which are blocked. Yahoo chat is blocked. Gmail chat isn't. It's all so random.

-Workout is still going, but it's moving locations next week, so that'll change. Need to start getting back into the 4x a week thing; my snatch is rather weak. (olympic lifting move called the snatch, you 12 year old, you!).

-House- still working on it. But the prices are coming down, financing is low, and we're getting closer. Maybe by July. Tho, for what we have in mind, we may wait a little longer.

-Chowder- still alive and kicking. Getting skinnier, but he seems to be in a fine mood. Has been getting really picky about his food, but stole my sandwich last night, ate all the meat and left the bread and lettuce as incriminating pieces of evidence. All over the hallway. *sigh* Who says furry children are any easier than the regular kind?

-Japanese is a bit of a challenge, but I'm doing really well. Had my first quiz and made only one little tiny mistake. Compared to many others in the class, I'm doing swell. It's weird taking a class where half the class appears to be Japanese and really good at speaking/reading it already. It's 1st quarter, for Pete's sake! Still, it'll be nice to be able to read and speak a little when we go to JP in April. So looking forward to that!

-Ran into a stellar recipe for butternut squash with brown butter & thyme. I could become vegetarian and live off of this, it's so good! (Of course, I suppose it would be better with some chopped up bacon on it. Maybe I'll try that next time).

Running around a lot, lots of projects, being social, all that stuff. Whew.

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October 6th, 2011

02:53 pm - When it rains it pours
1. Pewp. BossChick is quitting after 13 years here (10 years with me). This is bad. Do you know how hard it is to train a new attorney? Much less a GC!?!

2. Deck of cards at CrossFit tonight.


Something really awesome better come up to make up for all this poo!


August 15th, 2011

03:47 pm - Best charity ever
I was on my way to work this morning and a bunch of firefighters were hanging out by the gas station intersection, with signs. They were soliciting donations for MS. And nothing encourages a girl to spend like hot, hunky guys in uniforms!! (Thank you neacal for the funds!).

But yah, if homeless people were hunky, I think they'd get more money....


In other news, it's Birthday Week at our house and we spent last night at my dad's cousin's house in Felton. They bbq'd up major ribs and tri-tip, and it was all yummy. Topped off with rousing games of arguing.

Also, my dad's in town, staying with me, for this entire week. Hrm. I think he's heading off to Yosemite tomorrow, so things should go well...

Tonight's another birthday and more celebrating. August is a busy month!!

Wee before last we were in DE. And other than the 2 days with sun, it rained or was overcast the entire time. Hot and muggy. And I pulled a tendon in my left foot during a 6 hour walk in Hamburg. Then it was only 5 more days of 4-5 hours of walking on average. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.

Then when I got home, two days later I sprained the big toe on my right foot, so I was limping around rather pitifully that week. Luckily it seems that things are healing up pretty well.


And just for the record... a tub full of j-lube... well, let's just say: don't do it anywhere where you hope the floor will stay pristine. We've been thinking about this for years and still haven't worked out the logistics for home use, but someday...


July 20th, 2011

02:17 pm - Yay swimming! And why you shouldn't put a full water bottle in your gym bag
Today is the kind of day I was hoping for when I signed up to take swimming 4 days/week. It was glorious!

The downside is that I smashed my toe into the side of the pool as I was getting out. Just misjudged. Chipped my toenail (which I always keep really short), and now it hurts to wear heels... which is what I almost always wear to work. Luckily I can sit with my shoes kicked off under my desk, but that only works til I have to do something. Or go pee. hehe.

Also I think I'm getting a little bit of tendonitis in my right ankle. My ankles are very flexible and the additional stress of swimming 4 hours/week has sort of aggravated that tendon. Luckily I have only 1 more day this week and only 3 more days next week til end of quarter for me.
So this morning I dumped all my stuff into one of two bags. Clothes for work, water bottle, and protein shaker in my workout bag, and swim stuff in my swim bag. Add on a purse and some mail and I was a pack mule getting to my car this morning.

Bad thing was, it seems my water bottle opened up in my gym bag with my work clothes. I get to DeAnza for 7:30 spin, and I have no water, a soggy bra, and my pumps are full of water (as is my gym bag). Luckily my skirt and shirt were sitting on top of my shoes so they only got a little damp here and there. But no water = no workout.

So I went on to work, changed into my semi-dry work clothes, and left my sports bra on under my shirt. I stuck my wet bra over my under-desk heater and set my shoes by it, set it to "Hell on Earth", and by 8:45 stuff was dry enough to change into. But yuck, I've been at work since 7:45. Hopefully the masses will leave on the early side this evening.

Ahhh if it isn't one thing, it's another. Or two or three.


July 12th, 2011

02:40 pm - Bacon Bacon Truck
For those of you who really like bacon, there's a new truck in SF. Maybe sometime I"ll be able to try the chocolate covered bacon... Though really, Mariani's does a great job as well.


02:02 pm - Invisalign
Last December I decided that I was having too much trouble getting floss between my bottom front teeth, and that I had better do something about it. I really had to fight to get it between the teeth, and it seemed that it was getting even harder.

So, in an attempt to use by orthodontic benefits (and because I knew we were switching providers in the new year and I was hoping to get them both to cover it), I decided to do the Invisalign thing.

After having to remove all the ear jewelry - which was pretty difficult since some of it requires special pliers, I got full x-rays of my jaws, and finally, after trying 3 times (I have a really small mouth), got workable impressions of my teeth made so they could make the trays that would re-set my teeth. They finally came in and I started on them on March 11.

So far it's been interesting. None of the trays fit the same. Which you would expect, except that I mean that sometimes I have to file off parts so that my tongue doesn't get irritated, sometimes the lower tray edge flares out in a way that I can barely get my lip over it, and other such stuff. As it is, I have to always cut the part behind my front teeth out and file down the bottom back left rear molar section a bit.

My bite is really changing. A few weeks ago the molars on my left side met, but they didn't on my right side. I chewed a lot on the left side. A few weeks later and right now only my canines (and whatever they're called on the lower jaw) meet. No molars. Chewing takes a bit longer and is a more tiresome process. Worst thing so far: Riesen chocolate caramels. Those take forever and my jaw ends up just being tired.

The orthodontist says that I'm half way through. In a few weeks I'll get one more "button" added to one of my lower teeth so they can rotate that tooth a bit. She also said that from now on they're going to hurt more when I change trays, and that I should bite down on something hard like a pen to get them in. Yup, that's how that's working. Also, last Saturday after having them out for a few hours, eating cheese and munching a bit, I put them back in and it really hurt. Apparently just snacking for a few hours made the teeth move enough so that I could feel pain putting them back in.

So that's how that's going. And yes, I can floss between my lower teeth quite easily now. I just can't chew caramels.


01:51 pm - 13 days already?
Since I last posted? Wow. Time flies.

Went to Juplaya and had a pretty good time. It's like BM without all the damned hippies and crowdedness. That was pretty nice. Hanging out with doomkty was really great and I know neacal had a great time shooting guns 'n' stuff. Me, I liked putting together the tannerite. We had the best location, using Cat's trailer as a sun/wind shelter, so we had lots of company the whole time.

We got a late start and ended up spending the night in Reno. I was pretty lucky and ended up making enough to pay for this little Juplaya excursion. Filling Black Thunder ain't cheap.

We'd also planned to stay Monday and drive home Tuesday, but it seemed that everyone left during Monday, so after towing Cat's trailer to the ranch, setting off the last of the South Dakota fireworks (way better than the NV ones!, and yes, we do still have some smaller ones left), we headed off to Reno ourselves. It was pretty late and we were dropping someone off at the airport- at one point I couldn't tell which I wanted more: a shower, food, or sleep! So we grabbed sandwiches when we gassed up, checked into the hotel, took showers and slept. Ahhh!

Next day we drove home, stopping at Redrum Burger on the way. They don't seem to have ostrich burgers any more. They didn't have them last September, and they still don't. :(
Last Weds we headed out to BaGG. I really prefer it at the Cat Club, and I think we'll be going out a bit more these days because of it. Don't ask me why, but it just seems more "homey".
I've been doing spinning on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The 6:40 wakeup kills me, but it's awesome getting to work before everyone else. That means I get to leave early! The other part that kills me? My butt. Bike seats are just plain uncomfy.

I've also been swimming 4 days a week at lunch. My tan is quite... tan.

This week my trainer is in Hawaii, so I get a little bit of a break there. But only until next week.

No wonder I got home last night from work and went to bed- I was pooped!


Saturday we headed up to Concord to hang out with Lee & Rachel at their new house (with pool! Ahaha! Like I need to swim MORE). That was really awesome. While I blew my diet on cheese, it was nice to see people in a non-nighttime setting.



June 29th, 2011

10:49 am - Whirlwind
So last Friday we went ballroom dancing. Learned the rumba, cha cha, and an easy tango. It was a lot of fun and after 2 hours I was ready to do more, but my left shoe was rubbing a bit, and the rest of the masses had pooped out, so that was it. Actually, it was probably for the best as I had a small blister and the next morning was an early one.

Saturday we went to Watsonville for neacal to do his helicopter flight. This meant being on the road by 8:15. Ug. But the flight was good, they said he flew like he'd already had 7 hours of experience, and that is really good. Then off to Smoqe for some bacon wrapped dates and bbq, and then home. Later it was off to Zach & Jane's for Thai, then party at Jen's. Zombie Tiki. That's surprisingly hard. I just don't have clothing with that much clothing to pull off tiki. heh.

We spent the night at J&Z's and then next morning went to Acme for bloody marys with steak on 'em. Cool. Then after searching for food a bit, went to the German restaurant next door (Gaumen... er... something) and the food was... German. By that time it was 4:30 or so, so we went on home.

Monday I started swimming M-TH, and also a spinning class on M, W at 7:30a. So far waking up at 6:30 hasn't been a problem. Creepy.

Today was the first real day of spinning. My butt went numb despite the padding in my cycling shorts. And I sweated a ton. I'd already had 8 glasses of water by the time 10am rolled around, so I'm way above in my water consumption.

And as an aside, I hate courts and their stupid rules and grumpy judges. Not having a good day with that. Bah.


June 22nd, 2011

01:24 pm - Adaptive PE Awesomeness
So I did my swim class and all through the class I smelled BBQ. Nothing goes with swimming like BBQ!

So after we did our class thing we wandered over to where the BBQ was and found that it was for the adaptive PE classes. Apparently you have to have had a stroke or be in a wheelchair or something to take APE, but they were making so much meat that they invited us over to eat as much as we wanted (SCORE!)

The beef was yummy, the chicken was awesome, and the cantaloupe was just right. I passed on the sausages, but rumor has it they were pretty good as well. So I feel good in the belly and D'Awww in the brain because they shared with us. How nice!

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11:18 am - What's up, Pussycat?
Hung out at the San Mateo county fair. That was awesome- I love the hurl-you-through-space rides! And the jankiness of it all. And the mini pig races! Wheeee! And I ate funnelcake. OMG that stuff is like crack! Luckily I didn't have to eat the whole thing (translated: luckily, I got a few bites).

Made fresh mozzarella cheese. Figured out that it's most likely a thermometer thing. The cheese thermometer I got looked janky and read a few degrees lower than my digital one, but seeing as I have actual cheese now vs. my usual attempt ending in a fresh, hot, mess, it appears that was a key. Hooray!

Then I made a bread with the leftover whey, which turned out yummy, but it didn't exactly rise right. Powdered yeast is such a gamble, I'll have to look for some cake yeast and see if that works better. It's what my grandmother used and she made bread every week, non-fail.

Washed the Orange Beast. And then polished it. That took a couple of hours. Ooof. I think that putting only 1000 miles a year on it is sort of a waste of its capabilities. Maybe I'll put 2000 miles on it this year! *gasp*

Went horseback riding for 1.5 hours on Sunday with hypothermya and neacal and had a great time! It was gorgeous! And of course there isn't much between my neck and my knees that isn't sore now. But the horses were nice, the guide was awesome, and it was just fun. Then we went to Alice's at the top of 84 for burgers. Cause that's just what you do! (And we avoided Fathers Day traffic by going that way). Didn't move for the rest of the evening.

Today, it's another hot day, so I'm off to swimming. Now! YAY!3

Tonight- off to BaGG and also trying my hand at a peach sriracha sorbet! Fire and Ice!


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